Should Christians be barred from fostering children?

Conservative Christians are unfit to serve as foster parents, because their beliefs regarding sexuality may “infect” children in their care, the High Court of the UK ruled February 28, 2011.

Eunice and Owen Johns applied to foster a child in 2007. They expressed their desire to love any child, but their religious beliefs prevented them from teaching the child that homosexuality is good. The battle was on. The High Court finally ruled that “That there is no religious discrimination against the Johns because they were being excluded from fostering due to their moral views on sexual ethics and not their Christian beliefs”, even though their moral views on sexual ethics are based on their Christian beliefs.

The High Court’s decision is in line with United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), protecting the child’s international human right of sexual expression, above the right of the parent’s religious expression. If the United States ratifies the UN treaty, the same law would apply in the US.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre said, “If Christian morals are harmful to children and unacceptable to the State, then how many years do we have before natural children start being taken away from Christians?”

As a Christian, I believe minors should be encouraged to remain abstinent, regardless of their sexual orientation, because they are children. But I know that doesn’t always play out in real life.

What do you think?

To learn more about this case, visit  Christian Concern >>here<<

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4 Comments on “Should Christians be barred from fostering children?

  1. This is so sad. It has to be a sign of the end times along with everything else. We must take our faith seriously and do everything in our power to show and teach God’s love while we still have that freedom. And we must not gloss over his specific teachings to make life easier for ourselves. Life is about preparing for eternity.

  2. The photo I linked to shows a gay couple who adopted 3 boys. Hmmm, adopted not fostered… anyway, this is an example of calling what’s wrong right and what’s right wrong. An openly gay couple can adopt (thus I would assume foster), and as long as not Christian or Messianic Jews are welcomed with open arms in this case. On the contrary, Christian & Messianic Jewish husbands & wives w/ children would not be.

    Sorry for being about as clear as mud!

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