Month: November 2011

Happy Holiday? What Holiday?

John greeted the man with a hearty, “Merry Christmas!” He smiled, shook my husband’s hand and answered politely, “Merry Christmas.” At this, the realization of the man’s Jewishness smacked John on the brain and knocked something loose.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving stands as an opportunity for Americans of all faiths and no faith to put aside our differences and appreciate the many things for which we can be thankful.

What Do You Think of the Tebow Jesus Jersey?

The latest fan rage is Denver Broncos jerseys, bearing Tebow’s number 15 and the name Jesus instead of Tebow. Really? So, just what are we saying here?

Veterans Day Service Opportunities

Thousands of non-military volunteers give time to support our veterans. To learn what you can do, take a moment to view this video, and visit

There’s Something Poetic About Fall

There’s something poetic about the fall season, whether it brings red and yellow bursts of dying leaves, or juicy ripe oranges ready to pick. It’s as if it symbolizes the changing seasons in our lives.

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