Month: December 2015

Self-editing Your Novel, Part 5: Timeline

Yes, readers will notice timeline issues. And they will look things up for accuracy. They’ll either be impressed with your attention to details, or impressed by their own ability to prove the writer made mistakes. Your choice.

Self-editing Your Novel, Part 4: Characters

If you dutifully listed every character in your scene descriptions, you can easily skim your descriptions to find every appearance of any character. If you didn’t add every character to your scene descriptions, you can…

Self-editing Your Novel, Part 3: Subplot and Digression

Think of subplots as the bridesmaids at a wedding. Dress them up and put them in their places, but the party is not about them.

Self-editing Your Novel, Part 2: Plot Structure

Whether you outline from the start or write by the seat of your pants, when your novel is finished, it should be outlineable.

NOT Jewish Christmas: Why we celebrate Hanukkah

“But that’s your Christmas,” my neighbor insisted, after I explained to her that the menorah on the table was for Hanukkah.

“No,” I said,”It’s not. It’s Hanukkah.”

“Right. Your Christmas.” She smiled her tolerant smile.

“It’s a different thing…” I started, but she had made up her mind…

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