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You’re a nice person who overlooks mistakes. I’m the nit-picky grammar freak you need to sniff out your errors and slap your work into submission.

If you have a message to share, a story to tell, or a product or service to promote, I can help. I’ll clean up your writing, add sparkle to your headlines, and punch up your prose. My number one goal as an editor is to help you communicate your message in your voice, with your tone and your personality.


$2.00 per 1000 words. See Cost of Services for details.
The first step to a solid foundation before rewrites. Think of a manuscript evaluation as a beta reading on steroids. Includes:

  • reading your manuscript
  • pointing out what you did right and what could use improvement in whatever area comes up (eg, timeline, mood, pacing, sensitivity, character development, etc.)
  • offering suggestions for improvement
  • tracking and explaining suggestions
  • answering follow-up questions

$6.00 per 1000 words. See Cost of Services for details.

If your manuscript is complete, you are ready for basic copyediting with line editing. Includes:

  • correcting spelling, punctuation, typing errors, sentence structure, and other grammatical errors in accordance with current style guidelines
  • pointing out or correcting inconsistencies in tone, style, timeline, and character point of view
  • pointing out or correcting misused or overused words and passive (boring), awkward, or confusing language
  • checking for good flow, logical transitions, and easy readability
  • checking and correcting citations where applicable
  • pointing out sensitivity issues where applicable
  • offering suggestions for improvement, if any
  • tracking and explaining changes and suggestions
  • answering follow-up questions

$8.00 — $10.00 per 1000 words. See Cost of Services for details.
If your story is as far as you can go with it and you like it, but you know it needs substantial or significant changes to bring it up to professional standards, or if it’s much too short or too long, heavy copyediting is the way to go. Includes:

  • basic copyediting with line editing as described above
  • rewording, reordering, or cutting content as needed
  • writing original content that matches the style of the original writer to fill out a sparse manuscript, as needed
  • explaining and tracking changes
  • answering follow-up questions

$3.00 per 1000 words. See Cost of Services for details.
Final pass after editing and before publishing. Includes:

  • finding and fixing grammar errors, including spelling, punctuation, italicization, capitalization, hyphenation, quotation, paragraph structure, sentence structure, etc., (with the understanding that great writing includes intentional fragments, run-ons, and non-grammatical discourse)
  • finding and fixing typing errors, such as spacing, missing words, double words, spelling, font inconsistencies, etc.
  • finding and fixing errors in citations – footnotes, bibliography, and references
  • pointing out unintentional puns, alliterations, rhymes, misused words, etc.
  • tracking and explaining changes
  • answering follow-up questions

Does not include formatting for e-readers or print publishing.

Costs vary according to the project.
See Cost of Services for details, then contact me with your needs.
I occasionally write and ghostwrite original content or rewrite existing content on a case-by-case basis. 

$2.00 per 1000 words. See Cost of Services for details.

If your manuscript includes references to religion, ethnicities, people with disabilities, LGBTQ or gender issues, or you just want to make sure that your message or story doesn’t get shelved because of an inadvertent slight or outdated terminology, you need professional sensitivity reading. This can be done at any stage of writing and includes:

  • finding and fixing outdated or biased language in accordance with current style guidelines
  • comparing language to the most up-to-date guidelines listed by official sources related to your manuscript’s content
  • pointing out unintentional insults and inconsistencies
  • pointing out awkward language as it applies to sensitivity issues
  • tracking and explaining changes
  • answering follow-up questions

If you have a quick grammar question, contact me through the site form or via my email kathryn.writes [at] hotmail.com or via Facebook Messenger (www.facebook.com/PreciousHolidays) If I can send you a quick answer at no charge, I will. Any questions you send may or may not be used on my blog. I will keep your identity private if you wish.

Sample Edit-Novel CMOS

Sample Edit-Academic APA


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