Month: August 2011

Are Gay People Going to Hell?

Jesus divided all people into two categories, and it wasn’t gay and straight.

Was the earth populated by incest?

“God created Adam and Eve. The rest of the earth was populated by incest.” Why incest between consensual adults, before the time of Moses, was neither religiously nor genetically taboo.

A minister and a rabbi walk into a lesbian wedding…

I’ve been reading the internet chatter on this couple. And then the follow-up comments opposing those comments. And then the rebuttals to the comments opposing those comments. I did not see even one opinion on the Jewish-Christian issue. Apparently, gay trumps faith.

Bikers Resist Hate to Support Military Funerals

A handful of opportunists use the freedoms bought for them by blood and heartache to disrespect our military families. In a non-violent push against hate, the Patriot Guard Riders attend military funerals to create a living barrier, preventing protesters from being seen or heard by mourners.

Where Were You Before It Was Too Late?

As she exited the clinic after her third abortion, a man gently approached my friend. He said he just wanted to let her know about other options available to help her deal with an unplanned pregnancy. She began to sob. She asked him, “Where were you before?” It was too late.

Where do you worship? Is God OK with that?

When the woman at the well perceived Jesus to be a prophet, the first thing that came to her mind was worship. Her ancestors worshiped in Samaria. Was God OK with that?

Desmond Tutu: Don’t buy from Jews

Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Desmond Tutu, known for his work to end racial segregation in Africa, hasn’t slowed down his fight against Israel. He’s leading the attack with that age-old battle cry, “Don’t buy from Jews!”

Family Rescued from Anti-Christian Violence

When two-year-old Neha’s Christian father refused to convert to Islam, the toddler was kidnapped, brutally raped and left bleeding and unconscious in a field. A true-life story of rescue and hope.

Muslim Leaders Apologize for Anti-Christian Violence

Two years after a mob of 1000 Muslims killed eight Christians, and burned down 150 homes and businesses in a Christian neighborhood in Pakistan, Muslim Leaders Pir Israr Bihar Shah and Pir Hafiz Abbul Haui apologized for those acts, saying Islam does not condone murder.

Tisha B’Av: Overcome baseless hatred with baseless love

Though the day is inherently Jewish, the message of Tisha B’Av reaches all people. Large-scale acts of hatred do not spontaneously erupt. They begin with individual attitudes, individual choices and individual acts of discrimination.

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