Month: December 2011

Fox’s Facebook Poll Asked If Jews Killed Jesus

Fox Latin America posted a poll on their Facebook page inviting readers to comment on who they think is responsible for the death of Jesus Christ. The choices were: Pontious Pilate, the Jewish people, or the High Priests (who were also Jewish). Really? After…

A little Kwanzaa lesson

Since I’m not of African-American heritage, I asked Charity Dell–cyber-friend and African-American Hebraic Christian–to write us a little something for Kwanzaa.

Kadosh, the Holy One, With Us

Kadosh (Holy One) by Beckah Shae

Top 10 Myths About Hanukkah

Top Ten false, incorrect, not true, wrong, MYTHS about Hanukkah

Let’s Keep the Big Picture in Mind for Christmas

Even though we never set foot in a church, never prayed, never gave God credit for any of our abundance, I knew that the happiness and abundance of the season had something to do with Jesus.

Ultimate Irony Missed by ‘Pagan Origin’ Accusers

In the ultimate irony, they accuse their brothers and sisters of Paganism because of superficialities like Christmas trees and holly wreaths, at the same time replacing the attributes of the one true God with the personality of a Pagan god.

Creative Studio Portfolio

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Ride the Pen


Hebrew for Christians Blog

A personal blog by John Parsons, author of the Hebrew for Christians web site.

The Writer’s Dig – Writer's Digest


Marlayne Giron

My tongue is the pen of a ready writer. Psalm 45:1


Using what's on hand.

Kristen Lamb

Author, Blogger, Social Media Jedi

M.N. Stroh

Historical Fiction

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