Month: February 2012

So Catholics Are Just Like Christians, Right?

Protestants say that Catholics add stuff. Catholics say that Protestants take away stuff. For all of our differences, however, we agree on the fundamental truth: Jesus is the Son of God.

Secret to Lasting Unity is Individuality

How the formula *Jesus first. Others second. Yourself last* nearly destroyed our family, and how we found lasting love.

Should I Date My Husband for Valentine’s Day?

As the maître d’ escorted us to our table, I felt like all eyes were on us—and not in a good way. I could almost hear Anthony Hopkins hissing, “You know what you look like to me with your expensive bag and your cheap shoes?”

Creative Studio Portfolio

I'm inspired, so I inspire

Ride the Pen


Hebrew for Christians Blog

A personal blog by John Parsons, author of the Hebrew for Christians web site.

The Writer’s Dig – Writer's Digest


Marlayne Giron

My tongue is the pen of a ready writer. Psalm 45:1


Using what's on hand.

Kristen Lamb

Author, Blogger, Social Media Jedi

M.N. Stroh

Historical Fiction

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