Month: June 2015

Journal free or write hard.

My husband is a big fan of action movies. Loves them. One of his favorites is Live Free or Die Hard. I’ve never seen it (nor will I, most likely), but he tells me with great delight that in that movie, the main character John McClane (Really? John McClane?), played by Bruce Willis, drives a burning police cruiser, trying to get away from a bad guy shooting at him from a helicopter. McClane aims the cruiser toward a toll booth and jumps out. The car runs up the booth and launches into the pursuing helicopter as the bad guy jumps from the sky…

The More the Words, the Less the Meaning

You’ve seen the commercials. Pharmaceutical ads show an attractive person who tells us exactly what to say to get our doctors to prescribe their product. “I told my doctor that I’d tried diet and lifestyle changes, but that didn’t help. Then I asked if Giant Pill was right for me.” Short and direct. The commercial goes on to…

I can’t quit my readers.

Shalom, readers! I took a blogging sabbatical (You did notice, didn’t you?), but I’m back now. I can’t quit you. For those of you who were following the Year to Conquer Fear, and remember my epic roller coaster fail, I am pleased to tell you that I finally got up the nerve…

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