Month: January 2016

6 Tips for Buying Indie Books that Don’t Suck

We all know about indie authors who made it big. Writers like John Grisham, William P. Young, and Amanda Hocking believed in themselves, and their books are now wildly popular. And we all know about indie authors who haven’t put in the time and effort to develop their craft, but decide to publish anyway. And their books suck.

Tu B’ Shevat: Birthday of the Trees!

When God first breathed life into the first human being, the first responsibility he gave that man was to take care of the earth. God gave Adam plants and trees to tend, and animals as companions, before the creation of the first woman (Genesis 2:15-22). Before allowing the earth to be populated by humans, God made sure man understood it was his responsibility to nurture and protect the earth for the coming generations.

FAQs on Punctuating Dialogue in Fiction

If you write fiction, you want to bookmark this blog for reference. And if you don’t find the answers you need here, feel free to ask your questions in the comment section, and I will answer.

When My World Became Desegregated

I was in first grade when my world became desegregated. It was 1969–five years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and almost two years after Tampa’s three-day-long race riot, complete with a National Guard presence.

How to Write Better Dialogue

Each of your characters should say what only that particular character would say, if he had all day to think about it first. A great example of this rule is the TV show M*A*S*H…

It’s time to start crocheting slippers!

Woohoo! Last week, I turned off the air conditioner and opened the windows. I love Florida winters. We get sunshine and cool breezes, and all the birds from up north to eat up our mosquitoes. Today my grown daughter and I sat out on the front porch to enjoy the… Continue Reading “It’s time to start crocheting slippers!”

Self-editing Your Novel, Part 6: Point of View

Point of view (POV) bungling is the most common tell of a newbie writer, and easier to avoid than to fix. POV errors can mean the difference between an agent or editor reading your work, or tossing it into the slush pile for an automatic rejection.

Following My Bliss into 2016

Reflecting on the past year in my glass-half-empty way, I gave a nod to all the happy events with a smile, then replayed and agonized over every misstep, mistake, and misunderstanding. That’s healthy, right?

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