Month: May 2011

Right, but still wrong.

Those awful hypocrites. Look at how prideful and unkind they are. I want nothing to do with them. I’m better than that. And—just that quickly—I became guilty of the same sins I detest.

False Prophecies and a Jewish Homeland

I am pro-Israel. I’m rooting for them, just as I’m rooting for the USA. But I will not say that the Bible guarantees the continuance of either one, because it simply doesn’t.

Smart, Savvy Approach to Panhandlers

Many of us struggle with the personal aspect of poverty. We feel good about giving to homeless shelters, and supporting local food banks; but we don’t always know what to do when we come face-to-face with a stranger asking for a handout. “Most people…

Anita Renfroe: In Tha Muthahood

Motherhood is not what I expected. But I love it. Here’s a Mother’s Day shout-out to all you faithful moms out there. Enjoy this video by comedian Anita Renfroe, who says,”When you were expecting, this ain’t what they told you to expect.”

Gertruda Bablinska, Righteous Among the Nations

On June 4, 1963, Yad Vashem recognized Gertruda Babilinska, a devout Catholic, as Righteous Among the Nations. Read her story and see video testimony of a Jewish life saved because of her.

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