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The Human Condition: A Connection of Pain and Prayer

“I tried that. It doesn’t work!” She screamed at me, when I told her I was praying for her.

I had gone to the hospital to make sure that the hemiplegic migraine slamming the left side of my body wasn’t a stroke. (It wasn’t. I’m fine now.) In the emergency room, with beds separated only by curtains, I could clearly hear a woman’s moans and cries. Each cry injected fresh pain into my already-throbbing head, and my initial reaction was to cover my ears and pray she would stop making so much noise. Instantly, I felt ashamed. Surely, she didn’t want her pain any more than I wanted mine.

Pain is part of the human condition, and sometimes I get so caught up in my own pain that I forget my neighbor is hurting, too. But this time,

Hi, I’m Kathy and I have a headache.

Hi, I’m Kathy and I have a headache. Bet you can’t see it.

Nearly half of all Americans live with some kind of chronic illness or pain. 96% of all chronic illnesses are invisible…

What if God lets me get sick?

Did you know that most chronic illnesses are invisible? That is, you can’t tell by looking at someone that they suffer from lupus, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, etc. Eleven years ago, I ran a children’s Bible club, served on the board of Tampa Bay’s (then) largest homeschool co-op, started and ran a local curricula lending library, published a newsletter and website and volunteered in my church. Within months, my busy life screeched to a halt when I was hit with a debilitating neurological disease that forced me to bed for about four years.

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