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Passover during a pandemic and free haggadah for you

People of faith are not immune to Covid-19, and we are not immune to the psychological effects of living in prolonged crisis. Holidays always seem to intensify our feelings. But they can also intensify our faith. This may be the first Passover that some of us have spent without our congregations, our extended families, or friends, but we know that we are not alone. We are united in spirit with all people of faith–past, present, and future–who endure hardship. And our Father God walks with us in this journey.

Light Shines in the Darkness

I’m awestruck to think that the Light of the World, the Creator of the ends of the Earth, willingly gave up his position in heaven and confined himself to the darkness of the womb for nine months.

Yom Kippur: A Sacrifice of Atonement

Since the Temple and the Levitical priesthood are no longer in Jerusalem, many hope that living a good life, obeying some of the other Levitical Laws, and praying will be enough to cover their sins. But the blood atonement for our sins has been eternally fulfilled in the sacrifice of Jesus.

How Do You Celebrate Spring Holidays?

Both Passover and Easter represent freedom and restoration. Remember not to get so hung up on customs that you lose the point of the faith. In a week, the holidays pass, and we’re left with the memory of how we treated (or mistreated) one another.

Ultimate Irony Missed by ‘Pagan Origin’ Accusers

In the ultimate irony, they accuse their brothers and sisters of Paganism because of superficialities like Christmas trees and holly wreaths, at the same time replacing the attributes of the one true God with the personality of a Pagan god.

Telling religious to Get Over It is the wrong message.

Dan Savage’s call for religious people to ignore the Bible divides Jewish and Christian communities and the LGBT community even further; and stems from a misunderstanding of what the Bible actually says. Savage, and others concerned with equality, should call upon us to stop ignoring it.

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