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I am for My Beloved and My Beloved is for Me

“I am for my Beloved and my Beloved is for me.” (Song of Solomon 6:3) In Hebrew, it’s ah-nee le-doh-dee, ve-doh-dee lee. The Hebrew month of Elul (אֱלוּל), which we are now in, is an acronym for this verse, and serves as a time of preparation for the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Twenty-seven years ago, I prepared to marry my beshert, my destiny. Friends gathered around and fussed over my gown, . . .

Secret to Lasting Unity is Individuality

How the formula *Jesus first. Others second. Yourself last* nearly destroyed our family, and how we found lasting love.

Should I Date My Husband for Valentine’s Day?

As the maître d’ escorted us to our table, I felt like all eyes were on us—and not in a good way. I could almost hear Anthony Hopkins hissing, “You know what you look like to me with your expensive bag and your cheap shoes?”

WWJV: What Would Jesus Vote?

A compilation of Jesus quotes on political issues.

Telling religious to Get Over It is the wrong message.

Dan Savage’s call for religious people to ignore the Bible divides Jewish and Christian communities and the LGBT community even further; and stems from a misunderstanding of what the Bible actually says. Savage, and others concerned with equality, should call upon us to stop ignoring it.

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