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The Human Condition: A Connection of Pain and Prayer

“I tried that. It doesn’t work!” She screamed at me, when I told her I was praying for her.

I had gone to the hospital to make sure that the hemiplegic migraine slamming the left side of my body wasn’t a stroke. (It wasn’t. I’m fine now.) In the emergency room, with beds separated only by curtains, I could clearly hear a woman’s moans and cries. Each cry injected fresh pain into my already-throbbing head, and my initial reaction was to cover my ears and pray she would stop making so much noise. Instantly, I felt ashamed. Surely, she didn’t want her pain any more than I wanted mine.

Pain is part of the human condition, and sometimes I get so caught up in my own pain that I forget my neighbor is hurting, too. But this time,

The Third Way Video

In light of the over-the-top bickering that erupted with the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage in the US, I want to share this short documentary sponsored by the Catholic church. I’ve written on this subject before (here), and I’m not going to join in the bickering, so this will be it. I’m not Catholic, but I find this documentary highlighting gay men and lesbians in the church to be respectful, loving, and Scripturally sound–unlike most of what I hear on this subject. If you’re a Christian, please bookmark this and make some time to watch it. It’s 38 minutes long.

Is Your Holiday Hurting Your Relationship?

“If you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others?” — Jesus (Matthew 5:47) Every holiday season, people contact me to ask for prayer for broken relationships caused by doctrinal differences. So much hurt is caused in the name of “defending the faith”. Is having or not having a Christmas tree in your living room really worth your marriage? Is candlelight more important than compassion? …

Cool Anniversary from the Bible Falls on Halloween

This year, a very cool anniversary from the Bible falls on Halloween. Halloween Day, October 31, 2013, will be the 27th day of the Hebrew month of Cheshvan, which is believed to be…

Conquering the Bathtub and Other Scary Stuff

People tell me that the Bible says some variation of “Do not fear,” 365 times. I don’t know if that number is correct, but it’s in there a lot. People also tell me that God commands us not to fear. So stop it. Don’t fear. Fear is sin. I don’t believe it.

Fourth Scary Thing: Public Speaking

I could not convince myself to stand in front of a group of talented strangers, and lay out my meager offering for dissection. So I didn’t. I always regretted that.

The Worst Sinner in the World

I’ll call her Grace. That’s not her real name, but she’s a real woman. Looking down, wiping tears, with her voice barely above a whisper, she told me, “I haven’t gone to church in a long time. I believe. . . but I don’t pray anymore, not since. . . well, I just feel. . . not worthy.”

Hold On, Chicken Little. The Sky is Not Falling.

Did you vote today? We Americans live in such a unique time and place in the world, in that we have some say in the laws and people running our government. Historically, this has not been true—and still is not true—for most of the world. This great responsibility and blessing scares us. Because we have some control, but not all, we get frantic. We desperately try to persuade others to see what we see, and when they don’t, we take it personally. How could they be so blind?

Why Same-Sex Marriage Supporters Supported Chick-fil-A

Though we are divided pretty much down the middle on the issue of same-sex marriage, we each believe that all human beings should be accepted for who they are, and should be allowed to speak their minds and live and work without fear of name-calling, ridicule or discrimination.

Blue Like Jazz the Movie FTW

Blue Like Jazz is for Protestants and Catholics and atheists and agnostics, both gay and straight. It’s kind of a love it or hate it movie.

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