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You’re a nice person who overlooks mistakes. I’m the nit-picky grammar freak you need to sniff out your errors and slap your work into submission.

If you have a message to share, a story to tell, or a product or service to promote, I can help. I’ll clean up your writing, add sparkle to your headlines, and punch up your prose. My number one goal as an editor is to help you communicate your message in your voice, with your tone and your personality.

I charge by the word count, not by the hour, so we both know what we’re getting into ahead of time. Average cost is $7 per 1000 words, with a $35.00 minimum. Your project may cost more or less, depending on the amount of work involved. Email me at kathryn.writes[at]hotmail.com. (Use regular email format. I cut out the @, so the spambots don’t catch me.)


“It’s been a great experience working with Kathryn. She is very professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and has an amazing ability to catch mistakes. The corrections she offered were, in most cases, in sync with my own values. Her explanations concerning the changes were easily understood and conformed to English usage rules. In regards to research, she is very knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects. And though she wasn’t doing research on my book, she did reference a number of subjects and provided internet links to support her suggestions. In our communications, she was clear and concise; there were no misunderstandings. The work was completed ahead of schedule. I intend to use her again and highly recommend her.”
–Doyle E. Duke, author of Extended Vacation, among other books.

“Great to work with Kathy. Always fast and precise, and smooth in communications.”
–Djamel Ouis

“I am very delighted with the editing Kathryn has done for me. She is proficient, detailed, committed, prompt but most importantly to me, she makes my work a better presentation but still keeps my story in my voice. She does what she promises and even more. You need not hesitate and wonder if you making a good choice with her because selecting Kathryn is an excellent choice.”

“Kathryn Frazier is fast, thorough, and professional. I’ve had six books traditionally published by Big Five houses and encountered some of the best (and the worst) in professional editing. Kathryn couples her top notch editing skills with a gentle humor and respect for the author’s voice. She’s the best I’ve worked with, hands down.”
— Virginia Carmichael, author of All the Blue of Heaven and Purple Like the West, among other books

“Over the last four years we have launched two sites and have had to write and re-write a lot of content. Kathryn has been an invaluable help with this. Her support is fast and incredibly thorough. It goes without saying that we would recommend her to anybody who is looking for help with creating or editing high quality content.”
–Ali Parsyar, Blue Tea Kitchens | Sydney | London

“I would highly recommend Kathy Frazier for editing needs. She is skilled in finding plot, punctuation and spelling errors. Her attention to detail is outstanding. I would not hesitate to use her again.”
— Elizabeth Wehman, author of Under the Windowsill and Promise at Daybreak (Summit Street)

“OMG! I think I love you 🙂  What a great job you did!”  — imagic

“Very quick turnaround and willing to answer my many questions. Thank you, Kathryn!”
–Sue Sawage

“Kathryn is always great to work with. Kathryn delivers superior work on time or ahead of schedule. She’s a true professional.”
— Highland Global

“Kathy is an excellent grammar and a super content editor. Her honesty and insight has helped me to take my writing to the next level. I highly recommend her.”
— Rick Allen

“Kathy has been a shining star! She not only completed the project completely and with great detail/dedication, but she also completed it before the agreed upon deadline. Would love to work with her again, and would highly recommend her to others!”
— Emily Dean

“Kathryn is great to work with, her skills are excellent and she delivers on time. Will use again, Thanks.” 
–Credit 4 U

“Kathy has given me many wonderful critiques…I highly recommend her. Very helpful.”
— Janice Green, Honeycomb Adventures

“Great job, way ahead of schedule, could not say enough good things…”
— JSchoolCraft

“We really appreciate all your hard work. You always deliver in a timely manner and meet and exceed our expectations.”
— CSS Hunley

“Many thanks, an excellent rewrite…Fast turnaround, high quality work.”
— CCLexer

“Really professional work. Honest and reliable.”
— wewung2

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