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The N-word: Is it ever OK to say? Plus NaNoWriMo editing update

Hola, Writer Peeps! What do you think? Can I say the N-word and other “bad” words in a historical context? Or are some words just not acceptable ever? As an example of non-acceptance, my husband Frazierhead and I went to a family’s home for…

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words shall never harm me! Remember that old saying? We sang it in the schoolyard as we skipped away from meanies, heads held high. It was the definitive answer to every…

Road Trip with Dad to Lincoln’s Birthplace

In 1976, Dad and I took a road trip to Indianapolis. On the way, we detoured to Hodgenville, Kentucky, so we could visit the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. Dad’s ancestors, the Cradys, used to live next door to the Lincolns, and donated some of…

Distracted Writing

I’m distracted. My conscious thought is pinballing between dozens of logistics and social commitments, regrets and what ifs, bits and pieces of about six works in progress, the memory of an arcade pinball machine that my dad once brought home as a surprise, and wondering whether I brushed my hair today and…

Cool Anniversary from the Bible Falls on Halloween

This year, a very cool anniversary from the Bible falls on Halloween. Halloween Day, October 31, 2013, will be the 27th day of the Hebrew month of Cheshvan, which is believed to be…

Overwork in a Land of Leisure. That’s so American.

ecause I do not concern myself with the common labors of planting, harvesting, hunting and gathering, like many Americans I am driven to occupy this privileged life with some other activity. I work.

Conquering the Bathtub and Other Scary Stuff

People tell me that the Bible says some variation of “Do not fear,” 365 times. I don’t know if that number is correct, but it’s in there a lot. People also tell me that God commands us not to fear. So stop it. Don’t fear. Fear is sin. I don’t believe it.

What if God lets me get sick?

Did you know that most chronic illnesses are invisible? That is, you can’t tell by looking at someone that they suffer from lupus, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, etc. Eleven years ago, I ran a children’s Bible club, served on the board of Tampa Bay’s (then) largest homeschool co-op, started and ran a local curricula lending library, published a newsletter and website and volunteered in my church. Within months, my busy life screeched to a halt when I was hit with a debilitating neurological disease that forced me to bed for about four years.

7 Life Lessons Learned in the Wave Pool

The wave pool is a lot like life. Lessons learned here apply everywhere.

Anita Renfroe: In Tha Muthahood

Motherhood is not what I expected. But I love it. Here’s a Mother’s Day shout-out to all you faithful moms out there. Enjoy this video by comedian Anita Renfroe, who says,”When you were expecting, this ain’t what they told you to expect.”

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