Do you believe in ghosts?

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I’m not planning to post mid-week as a regular thing, but I read an interesting article about ghosts by Alexander Preston on the blog Empyrean Voyager.  Since today is Halloween, I figure it’s good timing to share it with you.

The topic of the souls of the dead reaching out to the living is one that has been debated probably as long as people have left behind grieving loved ones. The linked article explores the subject of ghosts from a Biblical and Church history point of view.

Disclaimer: I do not personally agree with much of this article. It is well written, however, and seems to use sound theological study methods and research. I share it because I think it’s helpful for Christians to share their interpretations with one another and the article is genuinely interesting.

Read the article here:  Halloween Special: Can Christians Believe in Ghosts?

Did you read it? What do you think? Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever encountered one personally?

Let me know in the comments.


2 Comments on “Do you believe in ghosts?

    The article is fascinating, and relates many odd stories. However, I do NOT believe in ghosts–
    although I DO believe in the existence of angels and demons. There are sound scriptural reasons why Christians should NOT believe in the spirits of people doing much of anything. Many “ghost”
    stories can be explained by:

    1. Angelic beings sent by God in human disguise to warn people of things, or provide help
    or assistance; or visions, also sent by God to warn people.

    2. Demonic beings engaged in DECEPTION, disguising themselves as people in order to

    3. Natural phenomena–many so-called “spirits” turn out to be predatory raptors, such as
    white owls gliding silently at night; methane gas, which appeared over many graveyards in
    the past, due to decomposing bodies that were not buried deeply; weather conditions, that
    produce mysterious lights, mists, swirling columns of air and precipitation (especially if
    bodies of water are nearby); geophysical conditions, such as escaping gases from bodies of
    water (such as the phenomena of lake overturn) or gases that escape from the ground as
    a result of seismic and/or unknown volcanic activity.

    God did not really design humans to be trafficking with demonic spirits–people who do constantly report feelings of fear, dread, despair; these spirits tend to torture humans with abnormal sexual and sociopathic impulses, which leads to extreme sexual behaviors and criminal acts.Far too many
    people have become victims of “haunted places”, where malevolent demons love to hang out.
    I have always advised people to plead THE BLOOD OF JESUS against these manifestations
    and to stop living in superstitious fear. It is GOD Who is omnipresent, and NOT demons or
    Satan–therefore, Christians can confidently affirm: “Greater is He Who is you, than he that is
    in the world!” (I John 4:4b)

    • “Greater is He who is in you, than he that is in the world.” Amen to that! I didn’t know about the methane gas over old cemetaries. That’s really interesting. And really gross!
      I personally experienced a fascinating weather phenomenon when our family failed to get out of the city in time and had to ride out Hurricane Irma from our home in Tampa. The wind sounded like loud moaning and screaming. We joked that the ghosts were out, but we knew it was wind. Yet, I could see that if we hadn’t known a hurricane was on the way and if we were predisposed to look for supernatural activity, we might have been afraid of the sound.

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