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Copyrighted 2018 Kathryn A. Frazier

Welcome, Creative Peeps!

Copyrighted 2018 Kathryn A. FrazierToday is the first day of October! The leaves are golden and red, the birds are flying south, and there’s that lovely nip in the air that hints of the coming frost. Haha! Just kidding. Here in Tampa, it’s a cool 92 degrees, the leaves stay green all year, and the only frost is in my freezer. We get a nice variety of birds from up north, though. That’s my favorite part of Fall in Florida.

You might not have need of sweaters, but wherever you live and whatever the climate, you can still get in on Inktober! I just found out about this cool thing and I knew you all would appreciate it. The gist is this: Every day in October (or every other day, or every fifth day), you draw something in ink. It can be simple or elaborate. You can take a long time or a short time. The point is to draw something. Create. Have fun with art, and then share your art with someone. You can post it online and tag it #inktober and #inktober2018, or you can just show it to someone in your life. Make art, share art, have fun.

dammit jim

I’m not an artist; I’m a writer and copyeditor. Like all human beings, however, I am creative. I started #inktober2018 with this three-minute doodle. It’s amateurish, which is perfect because I’m an amateur. I like that it captured my melancholy mood and gave me a little creative break in the day. I drew a little girl because drawing reminds me of when I was little and drew all the time. In those days, I didn’t see any imperfections. I delighted in being able to create with nothing but a pen and a paper. I hope my simple drawing encourages you to dedicate a few minutes of your day to get in touch with your own creative inner child.

To find out more about Inktober, visit

Are you participating in #Inktober this year? Please share a picture or two (or 31!) in the comment section! What else do you do to bring creative breaks into your everyday life? How are you encouraging others to express their own creativity? Let me know in the comments.


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