Mom & Dad’s Photos

ACC1 Retouch Dad and Mom at the beachMy task is scanning and organizing their photos.

Since my parents’ deaths, we’re sifting through their belongings, deciding what to keep, what to donate, and what to sell. It feels wrong, as if they’ll come home any minute and catch us robbing them. But we know for sure that we all want copies of the family photos.

Mom and Dad kept all their photos loosely tossed in large cardboard boxes, along with yearbooks, graduation and recital programs, and entire sections of newspapers that have wedding announcements or obituaries of someone in our family.

Many of the unprotected photos have faded, folded, gotten torn or spotted, so I’m scanning the originals, then creating touched-up versions in another file. I’m young enough to work the scanner and photo editing software, but still old enough to recognize most of the faces in the pictures. This second part is crucial, because most of the photos are not labeled.  The writing on the back of one says only, “This was taken in July.” Who the people are (I recognize three out of five), where they are, and which July is unknown.

L-R: My great-grandparents 1910 (dig those hats!); My grandparents 1928; Taken in July

I apologize for my repeated absences here on the blog. The truth is, I’ve had to put aside blogging (and socializing and time with my husband and playing with Scruffy Dog) for a while to focus on a few of what we in Christian circles call “challenges.” One challenge after another after another, like bombs raining sporadically from all directions, chasing me off my path into the dark, thorny woods of the unknown! But, you know, that’s life. We all have these seasons. It’ll pass.

Remember this great old song? Post continues after video.

For a while, I felt ashamed for neglecting you, but then I remembered we’re all in this together. I knew that if I talked straight with you, you’d unsubscribe understand. (See what I did there? With the joking? Please don’t leave me.) I’m planning to drop in from time to time with updates, until I can manage to keep to our regularly scheduled blog time again. If you comment on this post, I’ll see it. I’ll check.

I guess the takeaway here is to maybe keep your pictures in a scrapbook.

Peace and hugs to you,

TC3 Retouch family portrait
Family portrait, circ. 1968. This pic sat on our fireplace mantel for years. L-R: The Beloved, Mom, Dad, Me.


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