Valentine’s Day Celebrations that Don’t Require a Second Income

weird-and-wonderful-romance-meme-i-madeThis week, Frazierhead (my husband) said one of the most romantic and loving things I’ve ever heard: “Do it. Write what you want.”

I will still write about writing and grammar and Jesus and holidays and whatever else I want to on this blog. But after nine years of writing what other people want me to write, editing what other people have written, and prioritizing paid jobs over my own creativity, I am pleased to announce that I quit. Now I can start. I’m following my dream.

This decision is a leap of faith for both of us. I always say, “My husband pays the bills and I buy the chocolate.” That is, we can live on his income, but my income gives us wiggle room for luxuries and unexpected expenses. Hopefully, if all goes according to plan, my writing income will resume (and increase) when I finish and sell my own work in progress. Until then, we’re bracing ourselves for inevitable changes.

Valentine’s Day is our first test. To celebrate this new chapter in our lives, I searched for Valentine’s Day celebration ideas that don’t require a second income. We don’t need a babysitter, but our teens are still home, so I’d kind of like to get out of the house. Which of these would you suggest?

  1. Coffee and dessert  Maybe we’ll eat dinner at home, then go out for dessert and coffee.
  2. bayshore-blvd-public-domain
    World’s Longest Sidewalk — Tampa, Florida

    Local scenery  The sidewalk along Bayshore Boulevard is the longest unbroken sidewalk in the world (the world!!). At night, I think it’s Tampa’s most romantic spot. I’m nursing a foot injury, so walking is out, but the bayside rail has built-in seats.

  3. Jammin’  One of our favorite couple things is to drive with the windows rolled down and the music cranked up, and sing as loud as we can. (That’s right. It’s us that you’re cursing.) It’s as close as either of us gets to the feeling of a roller coaster.
  4. Card game  I learned how to play the card game Uno when my husband and I were dating. He taught me his cutthroat tricks for winning only after we tied the knot. It’s an at-home idea, but whenever we play Uno, it brings back those new-love feelings.
  5. Sorta Romantic Movie  Another at-home idea. Frazierhead and I are not really fans of the romance genre, but we both love good movies, even if romance gets slipped in. See my Sorta Romantic Video Picks for Valentine’s Day. (Bear in mind that list was written before we saw Zombieland, which is obviously the best sorta romantic movie ever. For grownups only. It’s gory. ) I’m open for suggestions for this year’s pick. We could use a feel-good movie.

Even though these offers look like paid links, they’re not. They are–from my heart–offers I thought worth sharing with you. Which ones would you choose?

  1. Free Printable Cards  Greetings Island has a variety of free customizable, downloadable, printable, Valentine’s Day cards.
  2. Heart-shaped Doughnuts Dunkin Donuts is making heart-shaped doughnuts for Valentine’s day, and they’re also running Valentine’s Day promotions on Instagram and Facebook (click for contest). And, for us old timers, every day Dunkin Donuts offers a free doughnut with the purchase of a large drink to AARP members. (This just might be our dessert date.)
  3. Heart-shaped Pizza This Valentine’s Day, Papa John’s is offering a medium, thin crust, one topping, heart-shaped pizza and brownie for $15.
  4. Uno I found an Uno game at for $4.16, with free in-store pickup.
  5. Free eBooks If you’re planning to stay home alone this Valentine’s Day, why not cuddle up with a good book? Go to and search for Free Kindle Romance books. I found hundreds of free titles.

What do you think? Have you taken a leap of faith to follow your dreams? Do you have fun and thrifty (PG-rated) Valentine’s Day ideas? Do you know of a great, sorta romantic movie that we can watch on Netflix? Please share your ideas in the comments. We’re all in this together.


2 Comments on “Valentine’s Day Celebrations that Don’t Require a Second Income

  1. Hi Kathy,
    I really enjoyed seeing your picture, and reading your blog! One movie we enjoyed seeing lately was Hidden Figures. It is kind of a hisyorical, yet romantic movie. It may still be in the movie theaters though.
    Thanks for writing this cute article!
    Jesus loves you. Have a wonderful and Happy Valentine’s Day with your hubby and family!
    Love in Jesus,
    Debbie Zacharoff

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