Pretty Secrets

wooden-chest edited  from publicdomainpicturesdotnet
Original photo by George Hodan, courtesy of

During this Lenten season, and as we prepare for the spring holidays,  I’m purposely reflecting on what I call “Pretty Secrets.” Pretty Secrets are truths, experiences, memories, whatever, that refresh our spirits. They’re not necessarily things that we can share with others, but they make us smile when we think about them.

One of my Pretty Secrets is the presence of God. As a Christian, I believe that God is everywhere, and that his Holy Spirit literally inhabits the physical bodies of believers (of me!). Still, I lose sight of him. I get distracted by the shiny baubles of this world, or drawn into negative thinking by the outrages of this world (both legitimate and ridiculous), and I simply forget God. Then I remember. And it makes me smile.

I often pray that God will keep  me aware of his presence throughout my day. And he does! And that awareness brings me such joy. Whatever you do today, wherever you go, may God make his presence known to you, and bring to your remembrance all the Pretty Secrets you hold  in your heart.

Hugs, Kathy

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