Free Online Courses for Serious Writers

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Dear Writers: I know you’re broke. Ain’t no shame. And I know you have to write. It’s in your bones. If you can’t afford any fancy-shmancy writing seminar or college classes, how will you ever write well enough to sell anything? I’m here for you with a list of free, online, university-level writing classes.

Self-study takes commitment and personal responsibility. But if you’re serious, these classes will help you develop your craft. And they don’t cost a dime.

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FYI: Blue Like Jazz is among my very favorite books of all time.



From Massachutsetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Open Courseware:

From New Jersey’s Science and Technology University Open Courseware:

From The Open University:

From Purdue University

From University College Falmouth

From University of California, Irvine

From Commonwealth Education Trust

From Stanford University

From Wesleyan University

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Original image by Tadekk, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


From University of Strathclyde

From Open University

That ought to get you started. Now that you know free education is out there, look for more courses at, MIT Open Courseware, Open Yale courses, Harvard Extension School, Open Learn, and wherever you can find free, quality, online courses.

Have you taken online courses? Did they delight or disappoint you? How well did you do with online learning vs traditional classroom learning or learning from reading a book? Do you have another link for free, quality, online writing courses? Please share in the comments section!






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