My 10 Favorite Blog Reads of 2012

I love reading other people’s blogs. This is a list of my top ten favorite blog reads of 2012. OK, some of them were actually posted in 2011; but since I didn’t read them until 2012, I’m counting them as part of my whole 2012 Blog Reading Experience.

Disclaimer: Each of these posts gave me something: food for thought, encouragement or information that I appreciated or needed. This list does not mean that I either agree or disagree with the writers, nor does it mean that I necessarily endorse them or their affiliations.

#10 Spiritual Abuse: 10 Ways to Spot It by Mary DeMuth at the blog Live Uncaged 

Excerpt: Often you don’t realize you’re in a situation until your health is damaged, your soul is torn, or your outside relationships suffer. My heart in sharing this is to simply shed light on unhealthy, manipulative, controlling practices.

#9  You Can’t Take it with You by Danie Marie at the blog Danie Marie’s Musings.

Excerpt: “So if you’re a lover of nature, color, and things that sparkle, guess what? …Heaven is filled with bling! I used to wonder why God would clothe us in simple white linen robes, and only recently did I come to understand–He is so ingenious. Imagine gemstone walls reflecting His glorious light all over the kingdom of heaven! Our pure white robes will illuminate with color.”

#8  Genesis 19: What the Bible Really Says were the Sins of Sodom by Alex Haiken at the blog On Being Jewish, Christian and Gay.

Excerpt: “A reification is when we use a concept or doctrine so often and for so long that it comes to be a distinct ‘thing’ to us, something that’s really there, a piece of our mind’s furniture.  We are unaware of how much of our mental furniture consists of reifications.  A canonical interpretation is a way of looking at a biblical passage or doctrine that we’ve become so accustomed to, that the interpretation has become indistinguishable in our minds from the text or passages themselves.”

#7 Bill Nye’s Campaign Against Creation #1-5 by William T. Pelletier, Ph.D., at the blog Bible-Science Guy. I’m cheating a little here by giving this blog only one spot, because this is a 5-part blog series.

Excerpt: Nye says, “Evolution is the fundamental idea in all of life science, in all of biology.” This is incorrect. The fundamental idea of biology is the Law of Biogenesis which says that life only comes from life; life never arises from non-living material. This was first demonstrated by Louis Pasteur (1822–1895). The Law of Biogenesis directly contradicts the evolutionary story that life arose from a primordial soup of non-living chemicals. The Law of Biogenesis comes from operational science; it has been observed and tested countless times.

#6 I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff by Helen Mackovjak Williams at the blog Helen’s Points to Ponder

Excerpt: It’s funny; sometimes you pray and know you’ve heard from God. Other times, you’re not even in prayer and God speaks to you and you recognized Him. But sometimes you travail in prayer and feel as though you’ve run into a brick wall, as though God’s not listening and you may begin to wonder if He’s really even there.

#5 A Few of My Favorite Things by Tanesha at the blog Crafty Garden Mom

 Excerpt: It was Christmas time and while I had a lot of baby dolls, there were no black dolls that my Mom could find. She really wanted me to have at least 1 doll that represented what I and my family looked like vs. the standard blond/blue-eyed dolls I had lining my bed. She was talking about this to her elderly neighbor and friend who also happened to be an excellent sewer.

#4 Dealing with Offense–When is it OK to Lecture Others? by Kristen Lamb at the blog Kristen Lamb’s Blog

Excerpt: When it comes to others on social media (and in life) try to make it a habit to believe the best. If someone gets out of line, we can take it personal OR we can stop and remember times we showed our @$$es and offer grace. We don’t know if this person just lost a job, experienced a death or is worn out from caring for an aging parent or a sick child. Sure, this person might just be a jerk, BUT maybe they are having a rough time. Compassion is always the best choice in my book.

#3 The Forest for the Trees by B.J. Taylor at the blog Taylor’s Tips

Excerpt: As I walk my path in life, I promise to look at those gorgeous trees sprouting up around me. They are my projects, my dreams. In fact, I will intently study them, admire them, bask in their glory and growth and work diligently. But I will not forget that even if I invest myself in that for a moment, there are bigger things God wants me to remember. The forest. The beautiful, ever-expansive, filled-with-opportunity forest.

#2 From the Young Mom I Once Was, To You by Katy McKenna at the blog Fallible.

Excerpt: One day, as serendipity would have it, all of the kids dissolved into a crying and wailing fit at the same time—-gathered around and clinging to my legs. In that moment, I didn’t know if I would survive raising children to adulthood. I was so overwhelmed with the enormity of the task that I did the only thing I could. I wrote a poem.

And my #1 Favorite Blog Read of 2012Worship with Feathers????? by Lynn Donovan at the blog Spiritually Unequal Marriage

Excerpt:  The skeptics will say it’s a coincidence. After all, there are birds that fly above cars.  And you know what? I don’t care. I KNOW God delights in me and He is a blast. He likes to make Himself known and show off for those of us who have learned how to see Him.

So what were your favorite blog reads of 2012? Share them with us! No fair sharing your own (ask a friend to do it for you). Did you read any of my favorites? What do you think of them?

2 Comments on “My 10 Favorite Blog Reads of 2012

  1. Thank you for naming my series of 5 blog posts on “Bill Nye’s Campaign Against Creation” to your Top Ten List for 2012. That’s an enormous compliment, and I appreciate your encouragement.
    The thrust of your blog is rare but sorely needed. Keep up the good work.
    Blessings on you!

    • I love your blog, Bible-Science Guy! I’ve been a subscriber for a while. It can be heavy reading, so I usually save them up for a time when I’m mentally alert (after coffee), and read them all together. I’m so glad you addressed the Bill Nye thing. He’s such a popular public figure, and he needed answering from a non-hysterical perspective of truth. Keep up the good work and God bless you as you follow Him.

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