Hold On, Chicken Little. The Sky is Not Falling.

Did you vote today?

We Americans live in such a unique time and place in the world, in that we have some say in the laws and people running our government. Historically, this has not been true—and still is not true—for most of the world. This great responsibility and blessing scares us. Because we have some control, but not all, we get frantic. We desperately try to persuade others to see what we see, and when they don’t, we take it personally. How could they be so blind?

You’ve heard the story of Chicken Little. A naïve little chick gets hit on the head by a falling acorn. In his little bird brain, he figures that the sky must be falling. He goes off to warn the king, shouting along the way, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” By the time he reaches the king, Chicken Little gathers a flock of followers, all convinced that the sky is falling and their world is ending. A hungry fox eyes the flock, offering them safety in his den. The frightened animals nearly fall prey to the fox, when the wise and powerful king rescues them, and puts their fears to rest by showing them the trees that they never noticed.

Someone once said, “You can have a movement without a god, but you can’t have a movement without a devil.” This year’s campaigners pulled out all stops to incite fear and outrage—each painting the opposing candidates as devils and their ideas as doctrines of demons. Negative emotion is, unfortunately, a very powerful form of persuasion. For months, they’ve been crying out, “America can’t survive,” “Time is running out,” and “We’re losing our freedoms.” All I hear is, “The sky is falling!”

Hold on, Chicken Little. The sky is not falling. America survived slavery. We survived segregation. We survived McCarthyism, Watergate, just and unjust wars, terrorist attacks, plagues, poverty and disasters. We’ve chosen evil leaders and assassinated good ones. Yet somehow, by the grace of God, we got through it. Christians should not be surprised when the country picks leaders and laws that conflict with what we believe and know to be right (even if we disagree on what that means). The way of righteousness is a narrow road, and only a few will find it. The Bible presupposes that people will have no say in their government. Even if, God forbid, we did lose our say, God would still hold each one of us in his merciful hands, as he always has.

Advertisers tell us that if our guy gets elected, if our law gets passed, everything will be OK. As you watch for the election results tonight, keep this in mind: Even if your guy does not get elected, even if your law does not get passed, it will still be OK. Our wise and powerful God sees more than we do. And just maybe, he’s rescuing us from a fox.

What about you? Have you experienced conflict or negative emotion over this election season? Did you vote? How do you feel about the results? For those outside of the United States, what is your impression of American elections?

6 Comments on “Hold On, Chicken Little. The Sky is Not Falling.

  1. Totally agree! There are some (IMO, outdated) social issues I’d like see changed, but I don’t dramatize the president’s role in my life. If I’m broke and unemployed (for example) the only person I can blame is ME!

    • Ohiasia- Yes, “dramatize the president’s role”. That’s exactly what people do. You seem to have a more sane approach. Thanks for commenting.

  2. You got the TRUE revelation! 🙂 Your article needs to be repeated in many publications and internet venues, because it is good, Christian common sense. I’d like to add a few thoughts:

    1. We Christians vote for whomever we choose, in accordance with what we think/want our
    candidate to do/accomplish for us.
    2. The candidate is just that–a CANDIDATE–and since they are HUMAN, they all have
    flaws in any number of categories, including politics, religion, their personal lives, their
    families, how they conduct business, their level of education or lack of it, etc.
    3. No candidate or political party in the USA or anywhere else represents every principle
    we Christians believe in. (We don’t even agree among ourselves on biblical principles!)
    4. The PRESIDENT of the USA is just–the PRESIDENT. He is not:
    A. The Anointed One.
    B. The Anti-christ (the biblical “Anti-christ” can’t get voted in or out anyway!)
    C. The Pope.
    D. The First Pastor.
    E. The First Theologian.
    5. Righteousness and/or unrighteousness is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER.
    Human candidates for office tend to have various amounts of these qualities, depending
    upon their own views, spirituality, etc.
    6. If I vote for someone you don’t want–and vice versa–neither of us are backslidden or going to hell because of the FLAWED HUMAN we tried to elect to office.
    7. GOD is our source, JESUS redeemed us and the HOLY GHOST leads us believers on
    our pilgrimage to the NEW JERUSALEM. Flawed human presidents are also used by YAHWEH to accomplish any number of tasks on earth. YAHWEH IS SOVEREIGN and GOD ALWAYS HAS THE LAST WORD ON EVERYTHING! “The earth is the LORD’S, and everything in it; the world and those who live there!” (Psalm 24:1)
    the HOLY SPIRIT to CONVERT and CONVICT, COVER and HOVER over this country and
    all of us who live in it. We want nothing less than “revival from the The White House to the doghouse”, as one Christian friend put it.
    9. Finally–the will of God is IRRESISTIBLE. GOD GETS HIS WAY, NO MATTER WHAT! And for that, we are truly thankful. “O give thanks to YAHWEH, for He is good. His mercy endures forever!”
    (Psalm 118:1)

  3. What you essentially say here is we have the vote but what happens happens. Also, isn’t the point of electing someone to be in charge perhaps why everyone doesn’t have power over everything?

    • Thank you, 13 year old, for stopping by. If you are 13, I especially applaud your interest in religion and politics. This is a time in your life when you can really understand and discover for yourself what you believe, without blindly accepting the beliefs of others. (I have three teens, so I’m loving this time of discovery for them).

      Anyway, as to your comment, I suppose if you want to boil it down to that, yes, that is what I’m saying. But to be more specific, what I’m saying is that each one of us is responsible for our individual choices before God, but ultimately he will work things out according to our motives, and his plans, not according to our human wisdom, which is limited.

      I believe that God gives us freedom within specific boundaries that he has already pre-determined. For example, the prophet Daniel was caught up in a war that had been pre-determined and prophesied, but he himself followed God even in his captivity, and God worked out all things for good for him personally, because of his faith.

      We also see Biblical examples where political outcomes were predetermined, like crowning David as king of Israel, but God worked out the circumstances beforehand so that the people chose him of their own free will.

      So is that really free will? I can’t say. This is a concept that has kept philosophers and theologians debating for centuries. But from our point of view, we still have a choice, and we’re accountable before God to make our best choice according to faith, and to rest in that faith for the outcome. At least, that’s what I believe. You decide for yourself.

      And yes, the point of electing someone is so we don’t have chaos and people fighting over control. Absolutely. I think it’s a good system. There’s no other place on earth I’d rather live right now than in the United States. We are a privileged people.

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