How Do You Celebrate Spring Holidays?

I rushed to get to church on time this past Sunday, thinking about pranks I might pull for April Fools Day. (Did I get you with the last blog post?) Only after the service started did I realize it was Palm Sunday. That means this coming Friday is both Passover and Good Friday, and this Sunday is Easter.

The holidays snuck up on me, but I’ve got the speed cleaning thing down to a science. Don’t judge.

As a Christian who celebrates Bible holidays, I love it when Passover and Easter overlap. Our family has plans for a fun and integrated weekend celebration. But for interfaith families, spring holidays can cause tension at home, as the holidays magnify our core beliefs.

It’s not just interfaith families that stress, though. We can hope for a meaningful time so much that we put pressure on ourselves and our families to make the “perfect” holiday: the perfectly clean house, the perfect clothes, the perfectly prepared foods and decorations. It’s downright brutal!

Both Passover and Easter represent freedom and restoration. Remember not to get so hung up on customs that you lose the point of the faith. In a week, the holidays pass, and we’re left with the memory of how we treated (or mistreated) one another and ourselves. As the saying goes, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

I’d love to hear how you celebrate spring holidays in your home–especially if you’ve figured out how to do it without conflict or stress. Passover? Easter? Secular Spring? A little of everything?

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