Let’s Keep the Big Picture in Mind for Christmas

Me & my big sister Terry, with Santa

Growing up in Tampa, Florida, my family celebrated a secular Christmas. Mom and Dad taught me about Santa Claus and Rudolph, ice skating and snow–all the unseen magic of the season. We got huge Christmas trees that Dad cut in order to fit under our fourteen-foot living room ceiling. Mom made cookies and fudge, and we always had plenty of everything. The grown ups dressed up and went to fancy parties while the kids made popcorn strings and paper chains with the babysitter. We didn’t need religion to celebrate life.

Christmas was always such a happy time. And even though we never set foot in a church, never prayed, never gave God credit for any of our abundance, I knew that the happiness and abundance of the season had something to do with Jesus. I saw nativity scenes in front of homes and churches. I saw crosses on cards sent to our family and displayed on the mantle. We sang songs about “the little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay,” and “God and sinners reconciled.” I memorized the gospel long before I knew that I needed a Savior.

That’s why I don’t understand the drive of some Christians to stamp out Christmas. Sure, it’s too commercial. But that’s what keeps it going, right? Yes, Pagans celebrated winter festivals long before Jesus was born. So what?

The people in the following video get it. A flash mob steps into a busy mall, and uses joy and music to share Jesus in a non-threatening way for Christmas. God bless ’em!

Let’s keep the big picture in mind. Let’s keep Christmas.

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