Welcome Home, Gilad!

After five agonizing years, Gilad Shalit is free from terrorist captivity.

Baruch HaShem!—Praise God!

How very fitting that Gilad should be freed during Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, the Season of Our Joy.

It’s tempting to focus on terrorism, and the unfair treatment of Israel during this prisoner exchange. But now is not the time. Our lost sheep has been found. Let us thank the Creator that he knew the end from the beginning; that he kept Gilad in his eyes and in his protection all this time; and that he delivered him back to his family, with a life ahead of him. Let us thank God that he allowed the world to meet Gilad, and to grow to love him through years of intercessory prayer.

The terrorists will still talk and act out of hatred, arrogance and ignorance another day. We can deal with them then. Today, we rejoice.

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