Desmond Tutu: Don’t buy from Jews

Kauft nicht bei Juden!  Don’t buy from Jews!

In the 1930’s this was the rallying cry of Germany’s up and coming Nazi party. Today it is the cry of Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

At 79 years old, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Desmond Tutu, known for his work to end racial segregation in Africa, hasn’t slowed down his fight against Israel. He’s leading the attack with that age-old battle cry, “Don’t buy from Jews!”

His recent activities include:

  • Helping the Australian Marrickville Council approve a boycott of Israeli goods.
  • Helping the University of Johannesburg to end partnership with Israeli educational institutions.
  • Encouraging the cessation of cultural exchange between Israel and South Africa.
  • Encouraging US pension fund of the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association to end its partnership with Israeli companies.
  • Encouraging US Food Co-Cop to boycott Israeli goods.
  • Sponsoring a call for an arms embargo against Israel.

Understand that Tutu is not calling for a boycott of only those Israeli companies and institutions that support the occupation of Palestine. His goal is to cripple the entire state of Israel (about the size of New Jersey), including Arab Israelis.

The reason Tutu gives for his long-term stand against Israel is his accusation that Israel practices racial segregation. The man possesses resources and experience enough to know that Arabs live and work alongside of Jews within Israel, enjoy full Israeli citizenship, use the same facilities, receive the same benefits, and hold elected political offices. So why would he so emphatically charge the opposite?

Perhaps the accusations have something to do with Tutu’s charge that Israel behaves in an “un-Christian” manner.

Tutu is scheduled to appear at the anti-Israeli Russell Tribunal in November 2011, to discuss the charges of racial segregation within Israel.

Copyright 2011, Kathryn A. Frazier

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