Family Rescued from Anti-Christian Violence

Two-year-old Neeha lived with her family in Islamibad, Pakistan. When her Christian father refused to convert to Islam, the toddler was kidnapped, brutally raped and left bleeding and unconscious in a field.

Her father went to the authorities, who did nothing. Neeha has endured multiple surgeries to repair what can be repaired of her torn body. She still has serious physical and emotional damage.

Two years after the attack, the Reverend Majed El Shafie traveled to Pakistan to meet with the family, which was in hiding for fear of Muslim extremists.

After three years of effort by El Shafie, the House of Commons Human Rights Subcommittee of Canada enabled the family to relocate, and begin a new life of freedom in Canada.

Said El Shafie, “Always remember that light always prevails over the darkness.”

Watch the video to see their inspiring true-life rescue.

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