10 Ways to Remember Passover if You Don’t Celebrate

Passover starts at sunset! Quick! Give your chametz to a non-observant neighbor, start cleaning and shopping, dig out your haggadah, and call your friends over!

If you’re not ready by now, though, you probably planned not to celebrate. Even if you’re not joining a Seder this holiday, you can still observe the spirit of Passover. Take a moment each day this week to remember how God brought his people out of bondage with a strong arm. Some ideas:

  1. Eat some matza, the bread of our affliction, every day.
  2. Drink a bit of wine or grape juice every evening.
  3. Read the book of Exodus. Or listen to it read for free. If you read five chapters per day, you can complete it during the eight days of Passover. This makes a nice family project, if you read it together, too.
  4. Watch The Prince of Egypt. It’s not just for children.
  5. Before the Exodus, the LORD struck down the firstborn of all Egyptian homes. Hug your firstborn child, and pray for and bless all of your children.
  6. Send a Passover greeting. Write a note and pop it into the mail, or send an online greeting. Try 123 Greetings.
  7. Go at least one day without eating chametz (food with leavening or yeast).
  8. Make a donation to a charity that supports freedom.
  9. Sing “Dayeinu” with a thankful heart. Hear it [HERE].
  10. Eat a store-bought or homemade Passover treat, like this apple-matza kugel recipe [HERE].

Yo, Christians! Did you know that the Last Supper that Jesus took with his disciples was a Passover seder? Find out more about the Jewish heritage of Jesus, and what the Passover looks like for followers of Jesus [HERE].

What do you do to remember Passover? The link for comments is at the top of this post. We’re all in this together!



חג פסח שמח  Chag Pesach Sameach! Have a happy Passover!

Copyright 2011, 2016, 2022 Kathryn A. Frazier, all rights reserved. Last edited April 15 to update links.

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