Shevarim: yearning for intervention

Isaac carried the wood. Abraham carried the fire and the knife. Father and son climbed Mt. Moriah together. No doubt Isaac arranged the wood on the altar as he had many times before. When he asked his father, “Where is the lamb for the burnt offering?” Abraham answered, “God himself will provide the lamb.”

We don’t know if Abraham looked his son in the eyes, as he bound the young man and laid him on the altar. Did Isaac argue for his life? Did he leave a last word for his mother? We don’t know. Might he have simply asked, why? My mother’s heart tells me that even though it isn’t recorded, there were sobbing cries, if only in their souls.

We do know that as Abraham prepared to plunge the knife into his son, God cried out, “Abraham! Abraham!” I wonder if Abraham dropped the knife in relief as he called back, “I’m here, Lord!”

God said, “do not lay a hand on the boy!” And, just as Abraham believed, God himself provided for the sacrifice. A ram, caught by its horns in a nearby thicket, suddenly became visible.

Since the time of Abraham, the ram’s horns symbolize God’s intervention. His mercy. His goodness. His can-you-believe-how-amazing-this-is, just in the nick of time, rescue.

Shevarim is the name given to three medium, wailing, blasts of the shofar, a trumpet fashioned out of a ram’s horn. It has the broken sound of sobbing cries. When we hear it, we long for intervention, in the same way that Abraham and Isaac must have yearned for rescue, yearned not to be separated, yearned for another chance at life.

Listen to shevarim by clicking >>HERE<<,  and then believe God himself will provide a can-you-believe-how-amazing-this-is, just in the nick of time, rescue in your life.

Copyright 2011, Kathryn A. Frazier  All rights reserved.

5 Comments on “Shevarim: yearning for intervention

  1. I love how you say ” His can-you-believe-how-amazing-this-is, just in the nick of time, rescue.” This is so very true. Great article!

    • Lisa- Sounds like you’ve experienced some of his amazing intervention in your life, too! Thanks for sharing, and stop by often! –Kathy

  2. The red cross is an anti-semitic organisation – they deliberately sent back good news reports from the concentration and death camps in WWII and have not changed their anti-semitism and murderous attitude to Israel one iota.
    I won’t be sending not 10 dollars not 1 dollar not a nickel, sorry…

    • Mario- Thank you for bringing up this subject. The internet is buzzing with Holocaust deniers, and the latest “evidence” these neo-Nazis are circulating is Red Cross reports.

      On the subject of the Holocaust, the Red Cross gave the report that Jews were treated as “outcasts condemned by rigid racial legislation to suffer tyranny, persecution and systematic extermination.” The Red Cross also reported that, “They were penned into concentration camps and ghettos, recruited for forced labour, subjected to grave brutalities and sent to death camps without anyone being allowed to intervene in those matters.” The Red Cross described in several documents how the mistreatment and systematic murder of Jews was being undertaken.

      In my understanding, the only camp that the Red Cross was allowed access to was Theresienstadt, a “show” camp, set up by Nazis specifically to show outsiders, giving the impression that they treated their prisoners well. It housed only prisoners of war, not Jews. The Red Cross may have given a good report on that show camp.

      You can read the actual Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its activities during the Second World War (Geneva 1948) (three volumes), at Scroll down to section (6)

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